Restoration - XK140 DHC 817715 - Completed March 1995 (multiple concours winner)

kgoriginalAs purchased for restoration, chassis S817715 was an original left hand drive C Type head special equipment with optional wire wheels, windscreen washers and fog lamps.


We were asked to locate a XK140 convertible suitable for restoration. We went one better and found a wire wheeled, C Type headed special equipment in very original and complete condition - what a starting point for a Concours D'Elegance champion!


The entire car was dismantled, photographed, labelled and boxed. The body was dipped to remove all paint, filler and rust and then primed. New sills, floors, boot floor, doors and front guard sections were all fabricated in house as the body shell was restored and converted to right hand drive.



After careful disassembly, the body was dipped to provide a paint and rust free body to restore.



With all rusted and damaged sections replaced, the restored, lead wiped and file finished body is ready for the paintshop.


The completed chassis ready for body fitment. Meticulous attention to detail at this stage ensured numerous Concours D'Elegance wins.



With the body fitted, careful assembly followed which included an entire re-trim in the original black.


With all mechanicals fully overhauled and restored in house, the repainted body shell was reunited with the chassis. We went to great lengths to ensure every component was finished to the exact specification that it left the factory. The body colour is the original pearl grey and the trim was returned to the original black with a black hood.



The finished product complete with Concours trophys.


Fitted with body colour wire wheels and cross ply tyres, the very period looking drop head was shown at every major Concour De E'legance in Australia for an 18 month period with the following results:

- 1995 Jaguar Nationals Brisbane 2nd Outright 1st XK class.
- 1995 State Concours Sydney 1st Outright 1st XK class.
- 1995 CVVTMC Concours Sydney Grand Champion 1st in class.
- 1995 Motor Show Concours Sydney 1st Outright 1st in class.
- 1996 Australian Concours Gold Coast 1st Outright 1st in class.
- 1996 Jaguar Nationals Canberra 1st Outright 1st in class.

We are very proud of Kens superb XK and the car is now driven regularly on chrome 15in wheels and radials.