Restoration - XK120 OTS 671908 - Current


This LHD XK120 roadster came to us from a Queensland customer as a car that he recently purchased in the States. Mechanically this car was very tired and it had been subject to a cosmetic restoration in America which was basically a repaint, retrim and new wire wheels. The owner is happy with the exterior and interior but wanted the car mechanically rebuilt.








So we removed the body from the chassis and dismantled the chassis right down to a bare chassis. We had the chassis sandblasted which uncovered some nasty rust where the front suspension attaches. This area was rebuilt along with repairing other damage and poor repairs before the chassis was treated to a new coat of semi gloss black.




The suspension, steering, brakes, differential, gearbox and engine were all stripped down, cleaned and assessed. The suspension, brakes and steering components were all bead blasted and painted semi-gloss black whilst all fasteners were black zine plated and then the chassis built up with the restored components.




Above are just some of the engine components that will be incorporated into the engine rebuild. A pair of custom ground (to our specification) Kelford camshafts, designed to give more torque and mid-range power when combined with other engine modifications, larger 1 7/8 inlet and 1 5/8 exhaust valves with new seats to allow for unleaded fuel operation, new lightweight cam followers, alloy flywheel and 9 1/2in diaphragm clutch, lip seal rear main conversion, electronic ignition, alternator conversion and billet alloy pulley/micro V belt system, 3.8 Hepolite Powermax pistons.

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