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XK120 roadster chassis number 660479 came to us in February 2012 for a full restoration back to factory specification but will be black with red interior. This car had a complete history with a couple of interesting links to myself. The engine was removed and a MKX engine fitted in 1991 at Gordon Oldfield motors in Brookvale Sydney. This is where I served my apprenticeship and I quite possibly performed the engine swap back then. The original engine was left at Gordon's workshop, it then made it's way to fellow Brookvale based Jaguar specialist, Peter Stokes, and then finally it was sold a few years ago to Paul Drysdale of Adelaide. The trail of co-incidences doesn't end there. Paul is the owner of 660368 which we restored a couple of years ago. Paul has rebuilt/restored the engine and it is in running condition on a stand in his garage!





660479 was delivered to Brylaws, Melbourne in December 1950 and spent it's early life in Victoria before heading to the North Shore and Northern Beaches of Sydney in the 1960's. Has spent some time on the racetrack and has had a couple of colour changes (red and BRG) and has been off the road since 1989 and is in need of a total restoration.







The car was dismantled and all the removed components box and bagged up, labelled and stored away. The chassis was stripped bare and sent for sandblasting and the body we decided to paint strip to have a closer look before we decide whether to have it dipped or to pull it apart to assess it further. No point in having it dipped if most of it is going to be replaced. The various colours that the car had been painted over the years was revealed layer by layer until finally we got back to bare metal. Accident damage was evident on the driver's side, the front guard on this side having been replaced. The bulkhead was kinked too so we removed the front guards to assess further. The sills and shut faces were rusted along with the battery box areas, boot floor and rear quarters.




The chassis had a twist in it which we straightened out and there was a fair hit on the driver's side torsion bar mounting area which needed repair. Some minor rust, some damage to the fuel tank mounting area and the usual dents along the underside were all repaired and then the chassis is ready to set up level for the body to be restored on.

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