Low Drag Coupe #2






We will be replicating this sensational car using a totally new alloy monocoque body, identical to the original. This car will feature a 100% correct full alloy engine along with some other improvements over the original design to create an ever more sensational Low Drag Coupe! Read on below for more.



The first step is to find a suitable donor car. We sourced this series 1 3.8 E Type from storage in Sydney. The car had been partially dismantled but was a complete numbers matching, Australian delivered 3.8 coupe and was perfect as a donor car for our project.






The engine! This very special Low Drag will feature a full alloy block, wide angle head and dry sump engine as used in the factory lightweight E Type's and the Low Drag but, as this car is to be used as a road car and must be civillised, we will be making some changes to improve torque and therefore drivability without sacrificing any power at all. The factory cars used a very short but very large diameter exhaust header arrangement which works well at making peak power at maximum revs. Great on the racetrack but not so good for low down and midrange which is needed for a road car. From our extensive experience in building powerful 6 cylinder Jaguar engine, we have designed and made in house 3 different exhaust headers so we can try them back to back on the dyno to find the best combination for this engine. In conjunction with that, we will be using a longer conrod than standard to again increase mid-range torque. This has the added benefit of using a shorter piston which is lighter. We will also be doing back to back comparisons on the dyno between a factory LWT E Type Weber inlet manifold and a custom long runner inlet manifold, again to increase mid-range torque. Stay tuned for the results!




Turning to the front end, the E Type front suspension has been stripped and zinc plated ready for assembly. We will be using alloy bodies externally adjustable GAZ shocks, a 7/8 front swaybar to start with, uprated torsion bars, an adjustable torsion bar reaction plate and a brand new quick ratio steering rack with solid alloy mounts.



The front brakes feature huge custom alloy 4 piston callipers and 300mm vented disc rotors. The entire front end was dummy built on a spare set of  front frames so it is ready to simply transfer onto the car when it is ready. In the last picture the custom alloy radiator and the engine oil cooler can be seen.







The rear end features a Quaife torque biasing differential with a 3.54 gearset and an alloy cover plate. Vented rotors and XJ callipers with race pads and GAZ alloy bodies externally adjustable shocks with adjustable spring platforms will have uprated coil springs fitted to them.



Correct cast Magnesium peg drive wheels fitted with correct Dunlop racing rubber.




The original Low Drag and Lightweight E Type's ran either a close ratio Jaguar 4 speed or a ZF 5 speed. If the car is to be FIA sanctioned these are the only options and with the rarity and extreme cost of a correct ZF 5 speed, the Jaguar gearbox is really the only option. But for cars that do not need FIA sanctioning, we fit these beautiful all alloy 5 speed gearboxes. Completely brand new and designed specifically for an E Type Jaguar, the lightweight but very strong gearbox uses new T5 gears with the addition of an overdrive 5th gear. The gearbox is unique in the world of Jaguar 5 speed conversions in that the original E Type bellhousing, clutch, gearbox mounting and tailshaft are all retained and no body modifications are required. The gear lever is in exactly the correct position too.

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