Restoration E-Type - 1970 Jaguar SIII V12 roadster

- Completed February 1997


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This very original Azure blue E Type came to us in extremely original condition for a total refurbish including a colour change to Black.


After dismantling the car to a bare shell, the shell and body panels were dipped to remove all traces of paint and rust.


This was the extent of the rust repairs, very minor indeed!


The body was in excellent condition with replacement of the lead and improving panel fit being the extent of the bodywork required.


The frames were assembled onto the shell before painting, replicating the production sequence used by Jaguar, ensuring the car is restored as authentically as possible.

The car was completely dismantled and the body dipped. There was only minor body work so the car was promptly repainted inside and out in Glasurit two pack Black whilst all the mechanicals were restored and repainted in two pack also and replated as original.



Every single component was restored, a new wiring loom was fitted and the interior was retrimmed in the original cinnamon.

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