Restoration - E Type Series II OTS - Current






This Series 2 roadster had been in storage before coming to us in June 2012, after the restoration had stopped some 15 years earlier! The restoration of the tub is almost finished but the doors, front frames and bonnet all need to be completed. We will be completing a total restoration of the car incorporating some of our sensible upgrades for more comfortable driving.






The first job was to remove the old primer and surface rust. As the shell had been dipped many years ago, all that was required was to beadblast the insides and underside and manually clean off the exterior.







After we checked the integrity of the tub on our alignment jig, we took care of some minor rust around the bootlid aperture and some dents and damage that the body had picked up whilst being moved around then lead wiped and file finished the back end. When the new frames were trial fitted it was found that some of the repairs done in the firewall area were not correctly completed so we had to remove some section, realign new ones and weld them in. Once this was done, the new frames were bolted on and the bonnet sections repaired and pieced back together. The door skins were removed, the door frames repaired and new door skins fitted. Once the bonnet and doors were restored, the final lead wiping, file finishing and trial fitting could take place.





Whilst the body was taking shape, the front and rear ends were stripped down, assessed and then bead blasted and either painted or zinc plated as original. Although everything looked pretty ordinary it became obvious that the car has not travelled many miles. The differential was rebuilt, the brakes overhauled and the suspension will receive all new SPAX adjustable shocks, new uprated bushes and all new bearings. A new RHD steering rack will be fitted.




The engine was stripped down to reveal a failed lower timing chain tensioner, probably the reason the car was taken off the road all those years ago. But apart from that and a cracked sump, everything was in remarkably good order. The head has never been machined, nor has the block or crank - they all retain their standard sizes. A complete triple carburettor set up was sourced to convert from the US spec Stromberg's.

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