Restoration - E Type Series 2 Roadster - Completed September 2009


1-June-09-004 1-June-09-001 1-June-09-002

This original series 2 E Type roadster came to us in June 2009 for a colour change from the original light blue to regency red.

1-June-09-012 1-June-09-013

The bodyshell was paintstripped back to bare metal whilst the doors, bonnet and bootlid were completely dismantled and alkaline dipped.




With all of the paint removed some small areas of rust were uncovered on the bodyshell which was easily repaired. The bonnet required a fair bit of work as it had suffered from poor repairs following an accident and the lower apron was quite rusty.




6-July-09-007 6-July-09-009

With all the repairs done the bonnet components were primed and then then bolted back together with a new hardware kit.

10-July-09-031 18-Aug-09-004 15-June-09-005
Paint preperations underway.

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