Restoration - E Type Series 1 OTS - Completed Nov 2001 for radio personality Mike Carlton


As the first photo shows, this red roadster looks nothing like a restoration project ­ what lies beneath came as a big shock. As we carefully dismantled the car it soon became evident that past restorers had spent more time trying to conceal their terrible workmanship than actually executing proper repairs.




These three photos show just some of the rust and poor past repairs that were all hidden with tar and bog. The bodyshell and panels were dipped to remove all traces of paint, sealer, fibreglass, filler and rust. The body went in all shiny and red but came out of the tank in two pieces with extensive rusted and damaged areas revealed.


Rear body section before restoration.


New floors and sill being aligned on our jig.

The body received new floors, lower rear quarter panels, inner & outer sills, sill ends, boot floor, door skins and a lot of other local repairs. It is compulsory for a major body restoration like this to be performed on an accurate jig. Ours is made from the factory body dimensions and it ensures that the body is restored with 100% accuracy.


The repaired and fully file finished bonnet.


Paint preparation well underway.


Bodyshell fully painted and ready for assembly.

Following lead wiping and file finishing, it's over to the paintshop for hours of preparation before the final coats of signal red are applied. We then cut back the top layers of clear and buff the car all over; leaving a peel-free finish that is extremely durable.


The SU carburettors were fully restored in house.


The engine components laid out ready for assembly.


Just some of the suspension components restored, ready for assembly.

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