C Type Replica #7 - Current - Australia

This car is being built alongside #6 and both cars will be of similar specification - our latest "Super C" specification. #7 features a MKVII 3.4 litre block and cylinder head. The block has been taken out to 3.8 and the cylinder head extensively ported and larger valves and camshafts are fitted. Completing the engine is a trio of 45DCOE webers and our "Super C" spec exhaust system. This car features our brand new, all alloy 5 speed gearbox, alloy flywheel, electronic ignition, lightweight alternator conversion with micro V belt and pulleys, lightweight gear reduction starter motor, huge billet alloy brake callipers with correct C Type disc rotors.







This is where it starts. A 100% accurate tubular chassis built from original drawings and made totally true to the original without compromise. At this stage the aluminium tunnelling, toe boards and floors are all made and trial fitted prior to painting the chassis.


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From there the chassis assembly can begin whilst the body is being made. In these pictures the totally correct C Type steering rack is installed along with the correct C Type cast front suspension control arms and disc brakes along with correct C Type torsion bars.




The differential starts life as a MKVII unit but we remove the axle tubes and fit new tubes to C Type length and specification then on our alignment jig, weld on all the correct C Type attachment brackets to ultilise the unique lower control arms and top torque arm. New billet axles are made and this car features a LSD centre and 3.54 final drive ratio. KONI adjustable shock absorbers are fitted all round.











The engine is from a 3.4 litre MKVII Jaguar engine which is completely stripped and then rebuilt to 1953 C Type specification, plus a few extra improvements! The block was sleeved to 3.8 and 10.0:1 Ross forged pistons and total seal piston rings. The crank and conrods are rebuilt originals. The sump is a specially cast, 2 piece, exact replica of a C Type sump. The early, correct MKVII "A Type" cylinder head is CNC ported to our port design and larger, unleaded fuel compatible, 1 7/8 inlet and  1 5/8 exhaust valves and seats are fitted. New valve springs, lightweight retainers and buckets and a pair of mild ISKY cams are fitted. The 100% correct specially cast Weber inlet manifold was then port matched, 45 DCOE webers and our "Super C" spec tuned length exhaust system made. As part of our "Super C" upgrades, our lightweight alternator, alloy pulleys and micro V belt were fitted which enables sufficient power to run electronic ignition, a large thermo fan and a gear reduction starter motor to improve the reliability of the car tremendously. This engine has been built to be totally civilised and built with enhancing the torque and driveability rather than searching for ultimate horsepower. The result is just over 300hp at 5400-6200 rpm and 277ft.lb of torque at 5000rpm. The car will be run on the chassis dyno to double check the timing and mixture settings with the fuel exhaust and airbox fitted.




The gearbox in this car, and all of our new "Super C" spec cars is the single biggest improvement over standard that the C Type can receive. A totally brand new, all alloy 5 speed gearbox designed and manufactured specifically for E Type's but fits perfectly into a C Type as well. The original Jaguar bellhousing is retained, the 100% correct C Type clutch controls and pedal is retained and the correct Jaguar clutch and tailshaft is also retained. The gearlever is in the correct position and the tunnelling is factory C Type. The gearbox internals are all brand new T5 and the gear ratios are as per close ratio Jaguar gearbox but with the addition of a 5th gear. This car is running a new aluminium flywheel and 9.5in AP Racing clutch kit.
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