Low Drag Coupe Recreation

In an effort to compete with Ferrari’s 250GTO, Jaguar continued it’s evolution of the E Type to create the Low Drag Coupe. The year was 1962 and just the one factory Low Drag coupe was ever built although a couple of Lightweight E Type’s evolved with Low Drag bodywork.

The factory lightweight was built from a steel tub with aluminium bonnet, doors and outer bodywork, shaped in the distinctive and beautiful, Sayer designed, Low Drag Coupe configuration. Great care was taken to built the car as aerodynamic and as light as possible with extensive use of lightweight aluminium in place of heavier cast iron for some of the substantial casting, such as the engine block and differential housing.


To follow on from our successful and popular C Type Jaguar recreations, Concours Sportscar Restoration can now offer faithful recreations of the famous Low Drag Coupe. As is the case with our C Type’s, we are striving to recreate this car as accurately as possible. We can even build you a car with a correct aluminium block, dry sump, wide angle head and fuel injection.

The economics of turning a run down E Type into a Lightweight E Type or Low Drag Coupe makes a lot of sense. To restore an E Type to factory condition can cost just as much as a LWT or Low Drag but on completion, the standard car, depending on the model, would have a resale value of far less than the LWT or Low Drag Coupe. Especially if you start with a 2+2 E Type which one would definitely over capitalise on if restored, yet transformed into a LWT or Low Drag is a very different story! Body condition is not a consideration when looking for a donor car so they can be picked up very cheaply. It doesn't even matter if it is an auto.




Click on the specification link to view the full specifications of the Low Drag Coupe with the various options that we can offer. We have suitable donor cars available or you can supply your own. We can build you the car of your dreams, so please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.Gavin for a fixed price to build you your very own Low Drag Coupe.